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Can my Country export honey to the EU?

To keep the good image of honey as a pure and natural product is vital for our all business. F.E.E.D.M. therefore offers a close cooperation to the beekeepers to ensure that honey of a high quality is achieved. Any technical queries about EU requirements might be addressed to our secretary.

The EU Commission has set up plans to monitor certain substances and residues thereof in animal products. Third countries which wish to export into the European Union have to provide the EU Commission with the necessary guarantees with regard to the monitoring of residues and contaminants.

Apart from the monitoring in the third country the product has of course to fulfill all EU foodstuff laws and must meet the requirements as laid down in EU Directive 2001/110/EC relative to honey.

If your country is not on the list and you want to export your product to the EU, please get in contact with your domestic governmental authorities. They should know what is requested and the EU authorities will be happy to assist any queries.