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EU Food Safety Requirements

The European Commission's food safety policy stipulates a high level of protection of human health - thus, ensuring the consumers' interests.
According to Directive 96/23/EC the European Union set up plans in order to control certain substances and their residues in products of animal origin. Third countries which intend to export honey into the European Union have to supply the Commission with the guarantees necessary in view of the monitoring of residues and contaminants according to the above mentioned directive. Imports of foodstuffs from animal origin can only be effected from third countries which are authorized for this purpose. Countries exporting food to the European Union have to recognize that full compliance with EU laws on food safety is essential.

Find out more about the food safety requirements on the website of the European Union.

Specific requirements concerning the product honey are laid down in the EU Directive 2001/110/EC. In addition each consignment must be accompanied by a health certificate guaranteeing that it meets the animal and public health requirements according to the EU regulations.